Picture this…

You've just spent a couple hours building an amazing Shopify store but you're not done yet..

Now you need to spend more of your precious time searching for the next trendy product that you can add to your store and sell from AliExpress 

And how are you going to get traffic to your store? Facebook Ads! Why? Because your favorite Shopify guru told you to..

But what they didn't tell you is that the price of Facebook Ads are skyrocketing and you're barely going to make a profit unless you're getting THOUSANDS of orders per month 

But here's the thing! You do not have to dropship using this old and costly method

You can earn much more profit per order ( a whopping  20 - 30% ) selling expensive products without spending a dime on Facebook Ads

Your customer is currently searching on Google to spend hundreds or even thousands on your product

This is the future of dropshipping. This is high ticket dropshipping!
Frimpong Ecom Academy
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( One Time Investment )
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$2,997 Everyday Price
Earn $100 - $1,500+ Profit
Selling expensive products online is just as simple as selling cheap products...except you make much more profit per order.
Hyper Targeted Traffic
There are customers actively searching to buy your product with their credit card in hand! You can reach them without testing Facebook audiences.
Work With U.S. Suppliers
Sourcing from China is a thing of the past! Secure partnerships with reputable U.S. suppliers to sell high quality products
Google Ad Spend: $0.55
Yes, you read that number correctly! Less than ONE DOLLAR was spent on advertising a high ticket drop shipping product profitably using Google Ads.

Conversion Value / Order Total: $1,539.93
That's just one customer who placed an order for a single product...amazing right!? With the AliExpress method of drop shipping, you'd have to sell 51 units of a $30 product...that's 50 customers you now have to deal with.

Net Profit: $462 ( 30% Margin)
Almost a $500 profit from one order! The typical net profit margin for cheap products being drop shipped from AliExpress is roughly 10 - 15%

Imagine if there was a system that you could follow to replicate results like this? There is! Inside the course you can follow along as the case study store that generated these results is built 

Are you ready to take the leap and invest in yourself?
  •  No more selling cheap products
  •  No more long shipping times 
  •  No more burning through cash with Facebook Ads
  •  No more chasing trends
  •  No more customer complaints
  •  No more wasting money on fake engagement Instagram Influencers
High Ticket Product You Should Be Selling
Cheap Product That "Guru's" Want You To Sell
Learning How To Build A Highly Profitable & Long Term Sustainable Business
  •  Course Intro: Welcoming you to your eCommerce journey along with explaining the dropshipping process & setting a goal for you.
  •  Business Formation: The easiest way to legally setup your business & giving you a walkthrough on required paperwork you need
  •  Product Research: Showing you how to find top tier high ticket products that meet the five key criteria
  •  Supplier Research: Quickly find the top 5 suppliers for your product and understand what kinds of suppliers you should work with
  •  Store Branding: How to choose a store name and set up all your branding such as logo's and a professional email account
  •  Building Your Store: Putting your store together correctly and getting you familiar with the backend of your store
  •  Includes Templates & Scripts
  •  Theme Research: Free themes are not your friend, you'll learn exactly what to look for in a high ticket theme
  •  Marketing Prep: Entire walkthrough on setting up all your marketing tools and accounts on different platforms
  •  Getting Supplier Approval: How to apply for the suppliers of your product and actually secure supplier approval
  •  Finalizing Your Store: Implementing tweaks to boost your conversions and installing key apps
  •  SEO Basics: SEO setup to increase your organic traffic which later becomes converting traffic
  •  Campaign Launch: Launch a profitable marketing campaign and start driving targeted traffic to your store within minutes
  •  Includes Bonus Content & Case Study Store
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